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Blind and Deaf Dogs

Welcome to the Blind and Deaf Dogs Guidebook

Paws to Adopt has always had a special place in its heart for those special needs and hard to place dogs. Therefore, it's proud to present The Blind and Deaf Dogs Guidebook with your host Mr. Youwho.

Youwho is a Pit Bull/Heeler mix who was born both blind and deaf. In 2005, we adopted Youwho when he was just a pup and now he's an old man who is still going strong! Despite once being adandoned by people, he is one of the friendlist dogs you will meet. He has brought so much joy into our lives and continues to amaze and teach us something new every day. He is an amazing dog who has much personality, spirit and love to give! Some people might question the quality of life of a blind and deaf dog, but Youwho is proof that they can live happy lives like any other dog!

We have enjoyed every moment we have spent with Youwho, but in the beginning finding information about living with a blind and deaf dog proved to be a challenge! There was tons of information regarding deaf dogs or blind dogs, but none regarding both blind and deaf dogs. So, after having Youwho for a couple of months, I came up with my own routine and training techniques and thus this guidebook was born. I thought it'd be helpful to others who have blind and deaf dogs to share what I've learned with Youwho as well as show that a blind and deaf dog can live a normal and healthy life!